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Finding the right realtor to securing a loan. What you need to know!

Taking care of a growing family can be challenging. Naturally, you grow with your loved ones: children get older and bigger, new ones join the journey, and everyone’s interests expand. As you grow, it makes sense that your home grows with you. A personal investment in property is a sure way to make a sound investment towards your financial freedom, and to secure the best start in life for your family.

While moving to a new home that complements your growing size and interests can feel overwhelming; it doesn’t need to be. This blog shares the details of what to expect, and who you can rely on, during the moving process. Let’s begin!


Deciding to buy a (new) house and finding a realtor

The first thing you need to know is that working with a reputable estate agent will save you time and money. Put as much effort as possible into establishing the best working relationship with an agency (and agent) that perfectly suits your needs. Look out for agents who are locals in the area you’re looking to settle in, who offer personalized attention and appreciate that family living is about loving life’s little details.

A realtor assists by:

  • Spending time finding the right home to suit your needs, through their extensive professional network
  • Offering expert solutions as you meet the many challenges you’ll encounter in this process
  • Ensuring you’re fully legally compliant, minimizing legal and financial liability
  • Sharing up-to-date information on the local community and building regulations
  • Taking care of the paperwork and preparing contracts, so that you don’t have to.

The good news is that a realtor’s service is paid for by the SELLER!

Realtor's service is paid by the seller


Securing a Loan

Most likely, you’ll be hoping to secure a loan to finance your purchase. During the application process you work with a loans consultant, who submits to a lending institution on your behalf. The steps to securing a loan include:

  • Ordering the necessary documentation, and waiting for it to be delivered
  • Submitting your application to a lender
  • Having the loan pre-approved
  • Preparation of documents by the lender
  • Release of funds by lender to the title company
  • Recordation, where the title company records the Deed of Trust with the relevant county
There are different types of loans available. Your realtor will advise you which one may best serve you. Some of your options include: The loan process also incurs costs. Products and processes that may be charged for include:
  • Adjustable rate loan
  • The appraisal
  • Assumable loan
  • Preparation of the credit report
  • Balloon Payment loan
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Buy-Down loan
  • Loan discount and origination fees
  • Conventional loan
  • Miscellaneous title charges
  • FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan
  • Mortgage insurance premium
  • Fixed Rate loan
  • Prepaid interest
  • Graduated Payments
  • Taxes and hazard insurance
  • No-Qualifying loan
  •  Title insurance
  • VA loan (for veterans only).

As intimidating as these lists may seem, trust that your realtor will take the mystery out of all these terms. Because together with your loan consultant, you’ll secure a loan that will cover all these listed costs.