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8 Tips for Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent in Chandler, AZ

Most people dream of buying a house for years until it actually happens. They may be 25 or 30 or even in their 40s when their goal is reached. Considering the amount of time it takes to save money and decide where you want to plant your roots, it’s no surprise home-buying is a long-term process.

But, when you’re finally ready to make the purchase you’ve been working towards, you need the right real estate agent to help you. Home-buying is not something you should take on alone. Unless you’re willing to risk paying more than you should or settling for less than everything on your wishlist, you need professional support.

If you’re home-buying, here are some tips to help you find the best real estate agent in Chandler, AZ.

1. Start Your Search with Friends

What did you do the last time you needed a good restaurant recommendation or wanted to see a good movie? You probably called your parents or asked your friends what their thoughts were.

Although buying a house requires much more thought than choosing what movie to see on Friday night, you can still start this process by checking in with the people you know.

This is especially true if you already have an established network in the Chandler, AZ area. Chances are, your best friend from work or the first friend you made in your apartment building knows a real estate agent.

They may have worked with this person themselves or seen them do a great job for someone else. Either way, it’s better to start with a personal recommendation when searching for a real estate agent in Chandler, AZ than to go in blind.

2. Check an Agent’s Reviews

As much as you may trust your close friends, you can’t exactly take their word for it when figuring out how to choose a real estate agent for buying a house. You have to do some follow-up research in order to make the best choice.

Once you have a handful of recommendations, start double-checking what your friends say with what other previous clients think. Go to an agent’s website and read their reviews.

Pay close attention to who exceeded expectations and who fell short. Think about how quickly some agents were able to close and how available they were to their clients, too.

3. Discuss Previous Experience

Reading reviews should help you narrow down your list, and it might also help you find one or two agents your friends hadn’t mentioned. From there, it’s good to start reaching out to your top choices.

Avoid making any commitments right off the bat. Just have a quick chat with agents on the phone or ask them to meet for a consultation. This is your chance to see how knowledgeable an agent is.

Ask them about how long they’ve been an agent and their history with their current company. Don’t be afraid to discuss how many clients they usually take on at a time and when their most recent closing was.

4. Understand the Kind of Agent You May Be Working With

One of the most important things you should ask an agent is the kind of real estate agent they are. It’s not the same thing to hire a real estate agent versus a realtor, and you need to know which one you may be working with.

There’s also the option of working with a buyer’s broker if such services are offered in your area. Each position in the real estate industry has its own pros and cons for buyers, not to mention they all operate a little differently. Clarify who you’re talking to before moving forward.

5. Ask About Other Team Members

Speaking of the different kinds of real estate services, be sure to ask whether or not a real estate agent in Chandler, AZ works alone or on a team. Many real estate agents are part of a real estate firm, yet they manage their accounts on their own.

There are some, though, that will share the workload – and therefore the commission – with another agent in their firm. This is something you need to know upfront. Otherwise, you may end up in an unexpected back and forth between two agents.

One could be showing you listings one day and the other could be who shows at your house signing. This can be complicated when not pre-discussed. But on the bright side, it can turn out well if two heads sound like better than one to you.

6. Say Exactly What You Want in a Home

Just as you’re bound to have personal preferences when choosing a real estate agent, you’re sure to have a unique wish list about what you want in a home. Be crystal clear about this matter.

Don’t go back and forth between how many beds/baths you want or whether or not you’d like to have a pool. This can confuse the agent and prolong your search.

Decide what you’re looking for before you get into discussions with different real estate agents. It will save everybody time and help you find the best person for the job.

7. Compare Rates

Another thing to consider is how much one real estate agent will charge you versus other choices on your list. Not all agents will value their services the same way.

Some are able to set higher fees if they have a long history of experience or strong success rates. Others may have a niche in luxury homes or ones with many acres, which may be worth paying more for if these are things you’re interested in.

Always discuss payment rates and expectations first, then make your final choice.

8. Make Sure There’s a Connection

The final thing to consider is how well you can connect to a real estate agent. There’s no sense in paying a large amount of money to someone or setting expectations for your new home if you feel like just another client to them.

The agent has to show a genuine interest in fulfilling your wishes. They should be someone you feel comfortable around, a person you can trust and be straightforward with. If you’re not getting such feelings, you’re not talking to the right agent.

Find Your Ideal Real Estate Agent in Chandler, AZ

There is such a thing as having the perfect house, and the ideal real estate agent in Chandler, AZ can help you find the one for you.

This is actually pretty simple once you get into the ins and outs of the whole process. Once you’ve set a wish list and found the right real estate agent, everything else is kind of fun! You get to explore different neighborhoods, see how various homes are decorated, and start thinking of design ideas.

Soon enough, the perfect house will cross your path and the right agent will help you seal the deal. To get the process started, click here