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The Top 8 House Features Today’s Buyers Really Want

If you could design your dream home any way you want, what would it like look?

Maybe you’d put a fireplace in the living room or a big tub in the master bath. Maybe you’d create an open floor plan with lots of natural light or you’d prefer to have a cozier, more private kind of space.

You have to think about these things when you’re selling a home. The more you can put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and understand what house features they want, the better your chances of making a quick, profitable sale.

Keep in mind this may mean upgrading your house a bit. But, you don’t have to do a full renovation before you put your house on the market. A few upgrades here and there will do the trick.

Here are the top 8 things buyers look for in a home that you should consider putting in yours.

1. Stainless Steel Appliances

No one likes to walk into a home and see old, outdated appliances. It’s worth buying a brand-new refrigerator to replace the washed-out white one you have and doing something about your old stove, too.

These are some of the biggest turn-offs for buyers. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and they want to feel like they can move in and start using it right away.

2. Granite Countertops

Granite countertops go great with stainless steel appliances. Not to mention, they’re a lot more functional than tile or wood countertops.

Potential buyers will love the fact that they won’t have to worry as much about wear and tear with granite. Avid cookers will enjoy these even more because they’ll be able to prep food right on the granite! It’s beautiful and functional – two simple things that matter a whole lot to people shopping for a new home.

3. Hardwood Floors

Up next on the list of must-have house features are hardwood floors. These completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Hardwood floors are warm and inviting, but also elegant and sophisticated. They make you want to kick your shoes off and relax, or maybe throw a party just because!

More importantly, they hold up very well. Hardwood floors are able to withstand all kinds of potential scratches and you don’t have to worry about them staining like you would with carpet. They’re also fairly simple to maintain, which is a nice bonus.

4. An Eat-in Kitchen

An eat-in kitchen doesn’t cancel out the need for a dining room, but it does make a home feel a lot more comfortable. It’s convenient for everyone in the family and it’s great for entertaining, too.

Most eat-in kitchens are created with an island in the middle that doubles as a seating area. Or, they have a counter on the edge where everyone can pull up a chair and enjoy a meal together.

Either way, they’re highly desirable from a buyer’s perspective. Having an eat-in kitchen makes everyday life a lot easier and it’s a nice home feature to get extra use out of when guests are over.

5. A Walk-in Closet

Another thing lots of buyers look for is a walk-in closet.

This screams luxury. But more than that, it makes it easier for couples to share a master bedroom! Having a walk-in closet means a homeowner can choose their outfit with ease while their partner is in the bathroom or still sleeping.

It also makes organization a breeze whether the closet is for one person or for two. Buyers can already picture themselves getting dressed in a walk-in closet when they see it, which means they’re more able to see themselves living in your old home.

6. Energy Efficiencies

Here’s an interesting thought: how energy efficient is your home?

This is a big one for buyers. You can pretty much bet that everyone on the market right now is looking for a home that can save them money on electric and water. They want energy-efficient appliances and smart air conditioning tricks like better-insulated windows. The ability to use solar or wind energy wouldn’t hurt, either.

7. A Nice Patio and Backyard

As much as the inside of the home matters, the outside needs to be able to carry it’s weight, too. Lots of buyers are interested in a nice backyard where their kids or pets can play. Even if they don’t have either of those yet, the backyard is a step toward having kids or pets in the future.

Not to mention, it’s fun to entertain outside when the weather is nice or to just enjoy the beauty of nature from time to time. A sitting area on the patio and a good-size backyard are ideal for that.

8. Curb Appeal

Last but not least, curb appeal.

This is the first thing potential buyers notice when they pull up to your house, and it’s what stands out to friends and family members when the future homeowner has people over. No one wants to have the most run-down home on the block.

A fresh coat of paint and a few landscaping upgrades can go a long way. These set the stage for the kind of value buyers will see inside your home, and they can significantly raise the offer prices you’re given as a seller.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your House Features?

Before you put your house on the market, take a look around your house and look for these features. You don’t necessarily need to have every single one of these in your home.

But, if your house doesn’t have any of these house features, you probably need to get to work. Just a few upgrades prior to listing can make a big difference in how well the selling process goes.

Once you are ready to sell, make sure you get in touch with one of our Realtors!